IsoAcoustics is a Canadian company known for its innovative speaker isolation products. They specialize in designing and manufacturing isolation stands that are used to improve the sound quality of speakers and studio monitors by decoupling them from the surface they are placed on. IsoAcoustics stands use a patented isolation technology called "Floating Architecture" that effectively isolates the speaker from the supporting surface, eliminating energy transfer and resonance that can color the sound. This results in a clearer, more focused sound with improved stereo imaging and bass response. IsoAcoustics offers a range of products designed for different types and sizes of speakers, including desktop and studio monitors, subwoofers, and guitar bass amplifiers. Their stands are adjustable to ensure the optimal listening position and can be used in both professional and home audio environments. Overall IsoAcoustics stands are highly regarded in the audio industry for their effectiveness in improving the sound quality of speakers and monitors, making them a popular choice among audiophiles, recording engineers and musicians.