The Deering Banjo Company is a well-respected American manufacturer of banjos. The company was founded in 1975 by Greg and Janet Deering and is based in Spring Valley, California. Deering banjos are known for their high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rich, traditional banjo sound. Deering offers a wide range of banjos from beginner models to professional instruments, known for their craftsmanship, playability and tone.  including : Open Back Banjos : These banjos have an open back, which gives them a mellower tone compared to resonator banjos. They are often used in old-time and folk music. Resonator Banjos : Resonator banjos have a resonator attached to the back of the pot, which projects the sound forward, making it louder and brighter. These are commonly used in bluegrass music. Tenor Banjos : Tenor banjos have a shorter neck and are typically tuned in fifths, making them popular in traditional Irish and Dixieland jazz music. Banjo Ukuleles (Banjoleles) : Deering also produces banjo ukuleles, which combine the small size and tuning of a ukulele with the distinctive sound of a banjo. Deering banjos are favored by musicians of all levels, from beginners to professional players, and are known for their playability and reliability. The company also offers a range of accessories and instructional materials for banjo players. Overall Deering Banjos is known for its commitment to quality and innovation, making them a popular choice among banjo players of all levels.