Pro Audio

Pro Audio, refers to both an activity and a category of high quality, studio-grade audio equipment. Typically it encompasses sound recording sound reinforcement system setup and audio mixing and studio music production by trained sound engineers, audio engineers record producers, and audio technicians who work in live event support and recording using audio mixers, recording equipment and sound reinforcement systems. In contrast consumer audio equipment is a lower grade of gear which is used by regular people for the reproduction of sound in a private home on a home stereo or home cinema system. Professional audio can include, but is not limited to broadcast radio, audio mastering in a recording studio, television studio, and sound reinforcement such as a live concert, DJ performances, audio sampling, public address system set up, surround sound design in movie theatres, and design and setup of piped music in hotels and restaurants. Professional audio equipment is sold at professional audio stores and music stores. While consumer electronics stores sell some of the same categories of equipment (e.g. power amplifiers and subwoofer cabinets), the equipment that consumer stores sells is a lower consumer-grade type of equipment, which does not meet the standards for low noise and low distortion that are required in pro audio applications. Audio Technica Astell & Kern dbx Decksaver Radial Engineering Seymour Duncan , Zildjian Steinberg and Yamaha these are the few prominent and respected names in the world of musical instruments. These brands offer a wide range of high quality products. Musicians around the globe trust and rely on these brands for their exceptional craftsmanship innovative designs, and outstanding sound quality.