Hercules is a brand known for its innovative and sturdy instrument accessories, particularly stands and hangers for guitars, basses, keyboards, and other musical instruments. Here are some popular Hercules instrument accessories Instrument Stands : Hercules offers a range of instrument stands, including guitar stands, bass stands, keyboard stands, and more. These stands are known for their stability, durability, and innovative features such as auto-grip systems that securely hold instruments in place. Wall Hangers : Hercules wall hangers are designed to securely hang guitars, basses, and other instruments on the wall, saving space and displaying instruments in an elegant way. They often feature auto-grip systems and adjustable arms to accommodate different instrument shapes and sizes. Instrument Hangers : Similar to wall hangers, instrument hangers are designed to hang instruments on walls or racks. Hercules hangers are known for their sturdy construction and innovative design features. Music Stands : Hercules also offers a range of music stands for holding sheet music or books while playing. These stands are often adjustable in height and angle for maximum comfort. Accessory Holders : Hercules provides various accessory holders for instruments, including holders for picks, bows, and other small accessories. These holders can be attached to instrument stands or walls for easy access. Overall Hercules instrument accessories are popular among musicians for their durability, innovative design, and reliability, making them a great choice for professional and amateur musicians alike