Hercules Gsp38Wb Plus Wall Mount Guitar Hanger With Auto Grip System(Ags) Guitar Wall Hanger(Short Arm) And Wooden Base

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Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Wall Mount Guitar Hanger with Auto Grip System(AGS) Guitar Wall Hanger(Short Arm) and Wooden Base

The upgraded Hercules GSP38WB Plus Hangers rotate automatically to accommodate different shaped guitars or basses vertically and safely.

The GSP38WB PLUS features an attractive wood base for home or studio use. It also includes the NINA (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) accessory, which adapts the GSP38WB PLUS to fit narrow necks such as a ukulele, banjo or mandolin.

The GSP38WB Plus features an attractive wooden base and the innovative Hercules Auto Grab System (AGS) yoke: the arms turn in and up with the weight of your guitar to hold it securely and simply open up when you lift it off. Also features a specially designed AutoSwivel yoke, which rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to allow unconventionally shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically.

The yoke is completely covered with finish-safe Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber to protect your guitar's finish.

Hercules Stands GSP38WB Plus Guitar Hanger Features

  • Auto Grip system grabs your guitar and holds on tight
  • AutoSwivel yoke adapts to any instrument so it can hang perfectly vertically
  • Attractive design and reliable performance make this a great way to display your guitar
  • Specially Formulated Foam has been tested and proven to not affect most guitar finishes
  • Display your guitars in style with the Hercules Stands GSP38WB Plus guitar hanger