Arturia is a well known brand in the music production industry, specializing in hardware and software for musicians and producers. They are known for their synthesizers, MIDI controllers, and software instruments, including emulations of classic synthesizers and innovative new instruments. The Arturia product line includes software synthesizers, software bundles, hardware synthesizers, MIDI keyboards and sequencers, mobile apps, and other audio equipment and controllers. Arturia sells software instruments and software FX processors as individual items and also as part of the "V" synth collection or the "FX" collection. Arturia  first instruments were emulations of historical synthesizers, organs, and pianos. Arturia' Analog Lab is a collection of presets of these synths with limited sound modeling available, and comes bundled with many of their Keyboard Midi controllers. In 2018 Arturia released their first original software synthesizer named Pigments. Pigments now features four synthesis types, extensive modulation sources and visual indication of control signals. In 2022 Arturia released a new line of "Augmented" software instruments, which brought new approaches to already known sounds. These Augmented instruments are Voice, Piano, Brass and Strings. Arturia first software FX processors were emulations of historical processors, such as preamps and filters. Arturia has since developed original FX processors, such as Rev Intensity, Buss Force, Efx Fragments (granular delay), and Coldfire Distortion