Pioneer DJ Headphones

Pioneer DJ is the global leader in the professional DJ equipment industry; as it has been setting industry standards for over 15 years. It launched the first digital vinyl turntable and introduced everyone to the first DVD turntable that allowed DJ’s to spin, scratch and manipulate CDs and DVDs whichever way. Oftentimes the premier choice for professional DJ’s across the world, Pioneer DJ has an unparalleled commitment to producing equipment that inspires, creates desire and enhances performance. In order to perpetuate these goals, Pioneer’s development teams frequently collaborate with the most talented DJ’s worldwide to ensure all products are state-of-the-art and hyper-flexible.

Pioneer DJ headphones have attributes sought-after by professional DJs: flawless sound reproduction, supreme durability and stylish packaging. Pioneer is renowned as one of the top DJ headphone creators, as each component in the headphone’s construction is made of high quality materials. Low frequencies and deep bass notes can be heard with accuracy for the most precise sound reproduction. Durable and lightweight magnesium alloy makes up the main structure of the headphones, offering the rugged hardiness professional and gigging DJs need for long-lasting equipment.
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