Pioneer DJ Equipment

Pioneer DJ is the global leader in the professional DJ equipment industry; as it has been setting industry standards for over 15 years. It launched the first digital vinyl turntable and introduced everyone to the first DVD turntable that allowed DJ’s to spin, scratch and manipulate CDs and DVDs whichever way. Oftentimes the premier choice for professional DJ’s across the world, Pioneer DJ has an unparalleled commitment to producing equipment that inspires, creates desire and enhances performance. In order to perpetuate these goals, Pioneer’s development teams frequently collaborate with the most talented DJ’s worldwide to ensure all products are state-of-the-art, hyper-flexible and contain the best set control possible.

Forever taking on the challenge of finding ways to stir senses and sensibilities and bringing them down to deeper levels, Pioneer DJ has a large collection of equipment for professional, amateur and gigging DJ’s, bringing them an uncompromised line of sound, visual and live performance products that merge advanced technologies and high quality craftsmanship. A wide range of CD/DVD/media players, controllers, DJ systems, mixers, speakers, headphones, accessories and software are all part of Pioneer DJ’s dedication to their customers.
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