Monster Headphones

Monster Cable Products Inc. was founded by audiophile, professional drummer, former laser-fusion design engineer, Noel Lee, in 1979. Depending on the wires’ constructions, he discovered varying degrees of audio performance were produced when hooked up to loudspeakers. As a result, he developed and invented a high performance speaker cable that revolutionized the audio market. Monster Cable created a new product category, as prior to Monster’s conception, most stereo systems were wired with the same cables used for electrical household items, such as lamps. These ordinary zip-cord wires had inferior construction, built with cheap materials, which restricted power, dynamic range and clarity in lows, mids and highs in sound.

In 2008, Monster Cable stepped into the headphones business. In partnership with Dr. Dre, Monster created a new headphone line called, Beats by Dr. Dre. Though the joint venture dissolved in 2012, Monster forged on ahead to develop its own line of Monster-branded headphones. Monster offers an assortment of high performance on-ear, over-ear and in-ear headphones with noise cancelling features and stylish, fashionable designs.