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Moog LPS-SUB-002 Sub 37 100% Analog Tribute Edition Analog Subtractive Synthesizer

Moog LPS-SUB-002 Sub 37 100% Analog Tribute Edition Analog Subtractive Synthesizer

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Product Description


The Sub 37 Tribute Edition is a limited edition (2-note) duo-paraphonic analog synthesizer built on the award winning Sub Phatty sound engine. Its panel features 40 knobs, 74 switches, and has a dedicated LCD display - placing each critical sound creation element and live performance tool quickly at your command. The Sub 37 Tribute is a limited edition analog synthesizer created in honor of Moog Music founder Dr. Robert Moog, his passion for education, and his love of music. For every Sub 37 Tribute sold, Moog Music will donate a portion of the proceeds to Asheville Area School music programs.

The Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer gives you that classic Moog mojo with a modern edge. It boasts an all-analog signal path, dual oscillators, a bone-rattling Sub Oscillator, a noise generator, an LFO, and a legendary Moog Ladder Filter. The 25-key Sub Phatty makes powerful Moog subtractive synthesis more portable than ever. With Multidrive control, you can add everything from subtle grit to over-the-top distortion for a broad palette of punchy vintage and modern sounds. If you've always craved an affordable, compact Moog mono synth, then your wait is over. The Moog Sub Phatty: you know you need it.

  • Think you've heard synth bass?
  • Deploy your secret weapon: Multidrive
  • The legendary Ladder Filter and impressive knobularity
  • Modulation madness
  • The Sub Phatty plays well with your other gear
Think you've heard synth bass?

Just wait until the first time you deploy the Moog Sub Phatty's Sub Oscillator. Imagine having a sound generator designed to do one thing: punish your woofers. We're talking weapons-gradebottom end. Combine the Sub Oscillator, the Sub Phatty's two main oscillators, and a noise generator. There'll be almost no limit to the mayhem you can unleash, although the Sub Phatty isn't just for crafting immense basses. This little synth is a Moog after all, so it naturally excels at snarling and aggressive leads. Great sound is a part of its DNA.

Deploy your secret weapon: Multidrive

The Moog Sub Phatty's mixer section is designed so the oscillator level controls pass unity gain at noon. Beyond that, you're overdriving the input of the filter for some classic minimoog-flavored distortion. But here's where it gets really interesting. Built into the filter section, the Multidrive circuit gives you control over rich and powerful post-filter overdrive. According to synth lore, part of the 1971 Minimoog Model D's sonic moxie stemmed from a filter that was overdriven by somewhere in the vicinity of 10dB to 15dB. Moreover, you could dime the distortion by patching the mini's high-level output back into its external input. Who said guitarists have all the fun? The good news is that with the Sub Phatty you no longer have to stand on your head to do all this and more. The Sub Phatty lets you dial up everything from gnarly, classic grit to sizzling, modern distortion. Go for it.

The legendary Ladder Filter and impressive knobularity

Without a doubt, Moog is one of the most inspiring names in synthesizer history and it's all because of Moog's superior circuit designs. One of the keys to the Moog sound was Bob Moog's original Ladder Filter; standalone Ladder Filters have been a studio favorite for decades. The Sub Phatty's ladder lets you dial in your optimal filter cutoff frequency and tweak the resonance to create those classic fat 'n' punchy Moog sounds.

Modulation madness

Want to modulate your filter resonance? Of course you do! The Moog Sub Phatty's onboard LFO lets you modulate without commandeering one of your sound-generating oscillators (as on vintage minimoogs). Get creative with key-synched filter sweeps and more for delectable, swirlicious sounds that will enhance your productions with authentic Moog-analog goodness. Are you a guitarist? Plug-in to the Sub Phatty's external input and process your axe for some serious fun. To give you real-time control over all this sonic firepower, the Sub Phatty is packing 31 knobs and 13 switches on its petite frame. There's a world of creativity waiting for you in the Moog Sub Phatty!

The Sub Phatty plays well with your other gear

The Moog Sub Phatty sports control voltage and keyboard gate inputs that allow you to connect your new Moog with your vintage (or any other) gear that has CV/gate connectivity. The Sub Phatty sports Filter CV, Pitch CV, and Volume CV, as well as keyboard gate connections, putting you firmly in control. And of course, you get MIDI DIN In/Out as well as MIDI over USB for communication with your DAW.

Moog Sub Phatty 25-key Analog Synthesizer Features:
  • An authentic Moog at a ridiculously affordable price!
  • 25 semi-weighted keys; 100% analog signal path
  • 31 knobs and 13 switches give you direct, immediate control
  • 2 ultra-stable variable-waveshape oscillators
  • Square-wave Sub Oscillator in mixer section
  • Onboard noise generator
  • Legendary Moog Ladder Filter
  • Onboard LFO (.1Hz to100Hz)
  • Multidrive delivers a wide range of classic and modern sound
  • Classic 1-knob-per-function design
  • 2-octave-up/-down transposition
  • External audio input
  • Filter CV; Pitch CV; Volume CV; keyboard gate connections
  • MIDI DIN In/Out; MIDI over USB
  • Editor/librarian software included

Satisfy your analog synth jones with the amazingly affordable Moog Sub Phatty!

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog (2 x Oscillators, 1 x Sub Oscillator, 1 x Noise Generator)
Number of Keys 25
Type of Keys Semi-weighted
Other Controllers Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
Polyphony Monophonic
Number of Presets 16 (4 Banks of 4)
Effects Types Multidrive
USB 1 x Type B
Audio Inputs 1 x TS
Audio Outputs 1 x TS, 1 x TRS (Stereo, Headphones)
Height 6.75"
Width 20.25"
Depth 14.75"
Weight 16 lbs.
Power Supply 110V AC-240V AC (Internal)

Additional Information

Brands Moog
UPC 094922449726