Gemini DJ Equipment

Gemini has had a comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers and an intuition to recognize industry trends since 1974, when Gemini’s founder became aware of the DJ movement’s potential, as he saw his son enjoy playing records for his friends in the basement of their home. Today, Gemini is the industry’s largest manufacturer of DJ products, which have brought attention to the artistry and performance of the disc jockey revolution.

Gemini’s progression of groundbreaking products, ranging from turntables and mixers to CD players and speakers and much more, are backed by the commitment of passionate engineers and knowledgeable professionals, whose vision and devotion to customers are paramount to Gemini’s legacy. Its international reputation for creating affordable gear that make DJing easier has built long-standing relationships that reach across continents and span through decades. With a rejuvenated focus on product development and global marketing, Gemini is in a position for boundless achievements.
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