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The industry standard for electronic percussion triggers and evolving generations of acoustic drums, ddrum has been the leading name in percussive instruments and accessories since 1983. ddrum’s philosophy is to provide professional and high-quality kits with affordable prices for players of all levels, from students to seasoned pro artists.

ddrum’s large selection of ash and maple drums is available in an assortment of configurations, sizes and colors. These versatile, musical, resonant and beautiful instruments are proof of ddrum’s commitment to quality, the life force that has kept ddrum alive for 20 years. To further its legacy, ddrum has signed on some of the world’s most influential drummers to its team.

Representatives of acoustic percussionists include Carmine Appice, Vinnie Paul (Hellyeah), Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel), Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch) and Shawn Drover (Megadeth).

Examples of Ddrum trigger artists include Tommy Lee, Joey Jordison, Eric Singer of KISS, Kenny Aranoff and Frank Beard of ZZ Top.