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Mapex Saturn V Tour 22 3-piece Shell Pack - Black Pearl

Mapex Saturn V Tour 22 3-piece Shell Pack - Black Pearl

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Product Description

Mapex Saturn V Tour 22 3-piece Shell Pack - Black Pearl

The Mapex Saturn V Tour Edition shell pack celebrates the look and tone of vintage drums, with a classic shell configuration and a dapper set of wraps. The shells and features are identical to those found on the standard Saturn V: you get the warmth and cut of 6-ply maple/walnut shells, the tuning ease of SONIClear bearing edges, and sustain-enhancing bass hardware, all at a cost that's tour accessible. If you're after modern performance with a classic look, rummers urge you to get your hands on the Mapex Saturn V Tour Edition shell pack.

Mapex Saturn V Tour Edition 3-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Retro shell sizes and wraps inspired by vintage drums
  • One-up, one-down configuration is a pleasure to tour with
  • 8x12" tom, 16x16" floor tom, and 16x22" kick drum (depth x diameter)
  • North American maple/walnut shells boast a strong attack and rich sustain
  • SONIClear bearing edges maximize tone and tuning range
  • Low-contact bass drum claws reduce weight and provide a visual punch
  • Memory-Mark bass drum spurs allow for recallable height settings
  • Toms include Remo Ambassador Coateds for a time-honored studio tone
  • Kick drum includes a Remo Powerstroke P3 Coated for a modern attack
  • Includes tom holder and clamp all other hardware sold separately

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