Denon DJ Equipment

Denon has a history older than Jack the Ripper. It has been the leading consumer brand for audio electronics since the 1910s, when it began manufacturing disc recordings and gramophones. With groundbreaking products like the celebrated DL-103 moving coil phono cartridge and the first AC servo direct phono motor, which utilizes pulse magnetic field detection for professional use, Denon carries the tradition of quality and cutting-edge design.

The 1970s saw the insurgence of digital audio, and Denon seamlessly shifted gears and adapted, creating digital recorders and other new consumer and professional products with their expertise in audio technology and retaining their reputation for superb sound. As the DJ world began to develop, Denon was there to provide what would become the standard for club DJs—the DN2000G, a twin-deck CD player with onboard sampler and looping. Denon is also responsible for the first motor-driven active-platter CD/MP3 player for performing DJs.

More than a century later, Denon continues to turn out high quality CD, MP3 and cassette recorders/players, along with a robust series of DJ equipment—controllers, mixers, media players, headphones, etc.—manufactured through a separate division, Denon DJ.
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