Beats Headphones

Beats aren’t just headphones. They’re spawns, born from Dr. Dre’s brain and Jimmy Iovine’s vision – a unique blend of science and artistry amalgamated to provide you with high quality audio. Beats headphones create a connection between the listener and the artists they love, by pinpointing and amending all the things that have stood in the way of the ultimate sound experience.

Beats Audio technology holds the highest respect for the artist. Handcrafted by Dr. Dre and some of the world’s best producers, Beats ensures all the emotions and nuances of the artist’s original studio work is retained. To start off, hardware is customized to deliver the best possible sound quality, as speaker location, adequate power supply, quality jacks, amplifiers and digital-to-audio converters are considered.

Further, the finished product is examined by Dr. Dre himself, whose high set of criteria don’t allow substandard merchandise to leave the door. All headphones are guaranteed to deliver a music experience that captures the essence of what was originally created in the studio.