Audeze LCD2 Classic Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones - Black


Audeze LCD2 Classic Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones - Black

They say you shouldn’t mess with a classic - we say, “Have you heard our LCD-2 Closed Back?” Experience the engaging warmth and vibrancy of our LCD-2 Classic without disturbing your neighbors! This headphone is the perfect option for those looking for an accessible entry point to our world-renowned LCD line. Its closed-back housing provides better sound isolation than the LCD-2 Classic, while its modified driver design gives it a wider soundstage than other closed-back headphones. LCD-2 Closed Back will truly make you feel like you’ve been transported into your own musical world.


  • Great sounding closed-back headphones based on our original LCD-2 model
  • Perfect for studio recording or when you need sound isolation
  • Widest soundstage of any closed-back headphone except for our LCD-XC
  • 100mm Planar Magnetic driver
  • Carry case included
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