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Korg AW3T Dolcetto Clip On Tuner/Metronome for Trumpet

Korg AW3T Dolcetto Clip On Tuner/Metronome for Trumpet

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Product Description

Korg AW3T Dolcetto Clip On Tuner/Metronome for Trumpet

This clip-on tuner is designed for use with trumpet, cornet, or trombone. The Dolcetto-T features a small clip that is optimized for attachment to the bell of a trumpet, cornet, or trombone. It can also be placed into the positioning that's easiest and most visible for you. As with the Dolcetto, a transpose function is provided to support the tuning of transposing instruments. The AW-3T features an internal back-light for discreet tuning in low-light stage environments. It also has a built-in metronome for rhythm training. Choose the key of C, F, B-flat, or E-flat for use with any instrument.

Even though it’s an advanced tuner, the Dolcetto features a simple layout, with four buttons located on the front. This intuitive design lets you tune quicker than ever. Since it's used most frequently, the power button has a protrusion that makes it easy to distinguish.

Because a tuner is something that you use whenever you perform, durability is essential. The Dolcetto features a rugged design that will stand up to the inevitable impacts of performing and transportation. The battery replacement mechanism has also been improved for durability and smoothness.

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